The Offering Bowl

Offering Venue for Buddhist Education & Practice

A Non-Profit Platform To Fund Buddhist Education & Practice

We support Buddhist practitioners in gathering funds for retreats and seminars.

Petitioners are receiving money from all over the world.

Donors contribute any amount over $5.

How to be part of The Offering Bowl

Generosity is the virtue that creates peace

The Offering Bowl is a venue where you can participate in the Buddhist practice of generosity. The donors practice by giving support and the petitioners by asking for it.
Though it is a Buddhist tradition to ask for alms and present your alms bowl - it takes a lot of courage to present your bowl online.

In order to encourage you (the donor and the petitioner) we created this little short video to give an example how this tradition is still practiced today.
As you can see both parties have a lot of fun in giving and receiving. Enjoy!