The Offering Bowl (TOB) is an initiative supported by various Buddhist practitioners. Its founder and main administrator is J.Stawitz, who came up with this idea out of personal needs for funding a pilgrimage. Fellow Sangha members and friends help out with different aspects of this project.

The Offering Bowl acts as a virtual host for your fundraiser: You rent a space for up to 6 months (for free in this case) to show your bowl and to pledge your case. The money you receive is run through your own “cash register” (Paypal account). You promote yourself to others - the more you advertise and create interest – the more people come to visit. You keep you space amicable and use it only for the purpose you agreed upon. When you have reached your goal or your contract runs out, 4% of the gathered funds have to be paid to The Offering Bowl. The Offering Bowl in return provides the space, checks the integrity of the renter, helps you with the set up and promotes the project in general. As it is virtual it can be accessed from most parts in the world.

Every individual, who wants to further their Buddhist studies and practice, regardless of nationality, ethnic origin, Buddhist tradition or cultural background.

You go to the start petition page and follow the instructions.

We will try to not take longer than max four business days. If you sent your draft (by clicking the "Send project") for more than four days and did not receive any contact from our team, something went wrong and we apologize. Sometimes mails land in the trash for no obvious reason. Please send an email stating the name of your project to Thus, we know that you did not receive our e-mail and we will get back to you.

No not at the same time. But you can have several campaigns per year just not at the same time.

Have a look on our “Start Petition” page.

You let us know and we give your space to somebody else.

Usually this doesn’t happen as the campaign gets closed once you reach your goal. In case it does it depends on the amount you are over and if it is needed for your cause – we will decide from case to case.

In the application you have to give three references and they will be checked upon. Other than that we have no absolute control of who is who.

You have the option to make your fundraiser private and not visible on the general petitioners page and make the link available only to visitors of your choice.


Yes - worldwide.

Yes - anytime.


No. Starting a project is free.


Yes - as soon as you go against our terms and conditions agreement or if we find out that you misuse this funding venue for other purposes than agreed upon.

Yes - though certain guidelines apply.  Community Guidelines: We rely on respectful interactions to ensure that TOB is a friendly place. Spread the word but don't spam.  This makes everyone on TOB look bad. Don't do it. Be courteous and respectful. Actions that violate these rules may lead to being suspended.

TOB will spread the word by making regular announcements on respective e-mail lists, placing ads in magazines and newsletters, creating special events and working with sponsors.



You can promote your cause with video, audio, and images.