03 February 2016


Special Requests & New Credit Card Donation Option

We have added a new section named Special Requests. Over the years we had many requests which were related to buddhist education and practice but didn't match the profile of our requirements. As a lot of them were valid and worthy of support we created a section where teachers , groups and organizations can ask fur support of special projects. 
They can be about renovating the shrineroom, supporting a special teaching situation or materials for educational programs.It is a work in progress and doesn't have many specific ooutlines yet. Applications will be looked at and decided upon individually. The situation is like: we know what it is not - rather than we know what it is.
It is an opportunity for Buddhist groups and organizations to make special requests. These petitions will be displayed and run through TOB but TOB doesn't control them in the same way we do with the practitioners. We are not requesting any proof about how the donations are spent.
Our first project will be to support a special request from a Shambhala friend to help a Thanka painter in need.

In regard to the donors who expierenced problems with Paypal we have added a quick Credit Card donation payment venue, which will take Master and Visa cards. So you can choose what suits you best.

We hope you enjoy our updates as much as we do. Thank You from the Offering Bowl team.

If you have comments please let us know at

04 March 2017

Some Statistics for TOB

Thank you to all TOB friends, petitioners and donors, who have participated in the TOB community since our founding in 2011.  
What has made this possible is your generous contributions and aspirations of practice. 
The chart, below, shows how your participation has allowed for increased activity and benefit over the years.  
YEAR                                    2011       2012       2013        2014       2015           2016          2017         2018
Petitioners                             36           65           91            122         229             440             278           232
Donors                                  211         712        1,071        2,048      1,919          3,100         4,012
Donation amount (US $):   30,688    63,554     78,318   110,000    142,819     251,819      273,520     177,245
In this past years, there has been a larger increase to TOB activity, due to the new TOB web site and its increased
capacity to host petitioners. As a reminder, all of the funds raised with TOB goes to the support of the web site
and its administration.  
All of this would not have been possible without your support and interest. 
In the year ahead, we look forward to sharing additional news of TOB
activities and developments.
In case you want more detailed information about how much we spend on webmaster, office, and so forth please
get in touch with info@theofferingbowl.com and we will answer your questions with pleasure.
Most of the day to day workload has been completed by volunteers so far - with the exemption of advanced webdesign.

Best wishes to you in this new year.