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I have been practicing in the Shambhala lineage for fifteen years. I completed three years of the Shambhala School of Buddhist Studies programs in New York, as well as the entire Shambhala Training and Sacred Path programs through Warriors Assembly. I took Refuge vows in 2008, and Bodhisattva vows in 2016. My practice has been centered on the Bodhisattva path in the last three years, and I have focused myself on integrating it with my work in the world as a teacher.


I am an Art Educator, teaching art to young people at an American school in Vienna. I see my role as using the arts to help my students connect with a deeper understanding of themselves and their place in the world. In the words of my mentor, Peter London, "Art is not about making beautiful things; it is about making beautiful lives." My own artistic passions are in photography, printmaking, and writing. I also teach a mindfulness curriculum to my students and have trained teachers who want to bring greater mindfulness to their own practice of teaching. Through these efforts, I am working to bring greater authenticity, engagement, kindness, and compassion into the lives of my students, colleagues, and the world of education.

Main teachers

Chögyam Trungpa, Shambhala lineage


Like many in the Shambhala community, I have been taking time to reflect on my path in light of the current situation we face. My own response has been a return to focus on the core teachings of the Buddha, and a desire to integrate them more deeply into my life and practice. The opportunity to touch the Earth where these teachings came into being, and to walk in the footsteps where the Buddha himself walked has particular resonance to me as an artist, seeker, and lover of ancient history. This program will be led by Dharmacharya Shantum Seth and monastics from Plum Village, incorporating teachings and practice, creating a traveling Sangha as we journey on the road.


I intend to do some form of writing, drawing, photography, or printmaking work based on my pilgrimage experience. When this work comes to fruition (in what form I do not yet know), I will happily share it with you.

Cost breakdown

Total cost for the 13-day pilgrimage: $2,345
(Includes transportation within India, accommodations, meals, and teachings/practices)
I will cover air travel to/from India and the remainder of the program costs myself.

Funding until

22 December 2019 (Ended)

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  • safe travels, good journey, deep insight, may your footspteps be blessed

    - MAthias


  • Dear Michael, Wish you a wonderful jouney to India :) yours, Stefan

    - Stefan Kapeller


  • Merry Christmas Michael! I hope you have a wonderful trip!!! With love C&S

    - Christina Metz


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  • Hej Michael; go, follow your roots, listen to the sounds of dharma and kiss the sky! Your Dharma Brother Martin

    - Martin L.


  • Have a insighful journey and enjoy!

    - Grit


  • Be safe and stay strong.

    - Vivi Spicer


  • Happy for you that you will experience this pilgrimage, and that you have achieved such a level of mindfulness in the Shambala tradition, and Vienna too! I wish you much peace and enlightenment in your path. From a friend of Judi's.

    - Anonymous

  • Michael, Wishing you a fruitful and satisfying adventure. With love...

    - Judi

  • Best of luck, friend!

    - Christa F. Francine Eleftherakis


  • Walk your path. Help bring alive the Shambhala Art teachings.

    - Gary


  • - Gabrielle