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I have been studying/practicing for 10 years. I continue meditating @40 minutes daily/20 hrs/month post Guide Training February 2020.
Having completed Enlightened Society Assembly summer 2017, and participated in a 10-day Silent Dharma Retreat in 2018, I continue my ongoing service as a member of the Westside LA Shambhala Steering Committee, ROTA Coordinator for the Westside Center, as well as hosting the Weekly Dharma Gathering. Over the past years I participated in two on-line programs: Pema’s Living Purposefully and Dying Fearlessly, and The Five Keys to Mindful Communication with Acharya Susan Chapman and Gregory Heffron. These were both rich learning experiences which support my journey to practice.
I am participating in the White Awake Los Angeles Study Group “to learn more about the realities of racism and the unintended impacts of white privilege” and to take responsibility and be curious about my cultural experiences.


My employment as a school-based marriage & family trauma therapist ended in October 2017 primarily due to compassion fatigue, and I've been exploring new ways of how I might contribute to society. I feel Karuna Training will support me with what I am ready to learn, in order to engage in the world with my heart open, and strengthen discernment and equanimity. "Coming home" is a phrase Acharya Melissa Moore used in describing the view for Karuna Training, and for me, this resonated as an antidote to the overwhelm I so often experience.

Main teachers

The teachings of many have influenced my journey: Pema Chodron, Chogyam Trrungpa Rinpoche, Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche, Thich Nhat Hanh… Acharyas Emily Bower, Melissa Moore and Susan Chapman; Shastri Sandra Ladley. Pamela and Bill Bothwell. Local leaders and teachers: Regional Director Sharon Owyang, Cynthia MacKay, Tom Gottlieb, Stanley Weiser, Claude Zachary, Greg Lubkin, Gregory Heffron, Anne Saitzyk, Joshua Northcutt. I am grateful beyond words for my past and present Meditation Instructors, John Beard and Kate Summers.


My inner voice is telling me that Karuna Training may be the opportunity for my next steps toward becoming more skillful with compassion, liberating me to be of increased benefit in the world. I long to further my listening practice -- being present, gentle with reactive ego-patterns which interfere with the others’ experience of being seen, heard, understood. Two years ago I became a hospice volunteer; I aspire to cultivate the courage to someday to be of more direct support to families and persons who are facing death. I envision that Karuna Training will grow familiarity with neurotic thought/emotion patterns, deepen understanding of wisdom and confusion expressions of these patterns, cultivate compassion for self and thus all beings, as well as strengthen trust in my/our innate health. In other words, Karuna Training will support adeptness in coming home to who it is I already am and encourage relaxation.


May this Karuna Training nourish the ground of basic goodness and bring to fruition my aspiration to be a hospice volunteer. May the confidence and wisdom cultivated on this Karuna warriorship path, strengthen fearlessness toward my own experience and sustain openness of heartmind, expanding benefit to our world.

Cost breakdown

$6,000 Reduced tuition granted by program scholarship
$1,500 Food/Lodging estimate for two of the three residential retreats
$4,000 Minus what I plan to earn/from savings
$ 245.00 Fundraising fees
$3,745 Total to fundraise

Funding until

08 April 2020 (Ended)

Amount Requested





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  • You and your path have been an inspiration, dear Candace. A deep bow to you for all that you offer. May you flourish and be of great benefit!! With much love and respect.

    - Sharon Owyang

  • Good luck Candace

    - Bill Bothwell


  • I am so happy you are doing this and Guide Training Candace! I am constantly inspired by your tireless service, joyful attitude and compassion and kindness towards everyone on the Westside and entire LA Sangha! Best of Luck!

    - Joshua Northcutt


  • May it be of benefit to all! 💙 Sending much lungta to you, fearless warrior sister

    - Jenny Hannah


  • I hope that the Karuna Training will help you along your path. You will be a great Shambhala Guide.

    - Renee Klang


  • I am in awe of your generosity, acknowledgements and dedication.

    - Catherine Corwin


  • Such a noble and smart way to spend your time and money, dear Candace!! You are worth it. Wish I could join you. Ki Ki! So So!

    - Anne Saitzyk


  • I hope you’re able to get what you need.

    - Robert M


  • - Carol Borden


  • Love you, Momma!

    - Megan


  • - Richard John Kinane


  • Leap

    - Ron and Laura


  • You are so generous with yourself, thanks.

    - Kathy Gronau

  • Congratulations

    - Angela Lloyd