I began studying Shamatha Vipassana and tonglen with Ani Pema Chodron in 1995.
On the cushion cumulative practice for 16 years.
Off the cushion Awareness throughout the day when possible (work in progress).
I was a temporary monastic at Gampo Abbey for 1 1/2 years. While I was there I had the opportunity to do two 6 week intensive Yarne Retreats with Ani Pema Chodron.
More recently I’ve been studying with Mingyur Rinpoche in the on line course Joy of Living series. I am currently on module 2 and will be taking module 3 & 4 in Minnesota this summer.


I have been a Buddhist practitioner since 1995 when I came across Ani Pena’s book “Wisdom of No Escape”. It all made sense to me in that she was speaking to many questions I had about life. I have wanted to be a nun since I was a little girl. Raised Catholic and then in 1995 I decided being a Buddhist nun would be the best fit for me. It was a dream come true spending time at Gampo Abbey as a monastic. I learned so much about myself during that year and a half. I left the abbey for personal reasons but still take my Bodhisattva vows, 5 Precepts and take Refuge everyday. My practice has remained strong. I am thrilled and honored to receive the Full Upasaka Vows under Venerable Mingyur Rinpoche in May or June.

Main teachers

Ani Pema Chodron, Venerable Mingyur Rinpoche


I am fundraising to help with travel costs to study with Mingyur Rinpoche in Minneapolis this summer. At that time I will also be given the Full Upasaka Vows to be a monastic. This is a very exciting time for me.


My Offering is dedicating the merit of my practice in retreat to everyone who may donate. Much gratitude for you all!!!

Cost breakdown

Travel approximately $600
Lodging $490

Funding until

09 August 2020 (Ended)

Amount Requested





Recent donations

  • May you grow in wisdom.

    - Anonymous

  • May you have a great life

    - Aunt Renie and Uncle Jack


  • Hi, Tsultrim, wishing you the very best in this journey, love,Zaida

    - Zaida


  • Hoping your new ventures go great.

    - Louise S Hasty


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  • Best wishes to you on your dharma journey!! : )

    - Dawn Karrington