In 2015, I learned how to meditate at Shambhala Mountain Center (SMC) in northern Colorado. I left nursing and lived and worked at SMC for two and a half years. I was fortunate to take many wonderful programs there that accelerated my heart's growth and my mind's expansion. I learned how to stabilize my mind on and off the cushion. I learned how to stay open. I'm still learning.

At some point I was ready to work less and meditate more. I wanted a rich library. I was craving time and space to study the Dharma while deepening my practice. I am now in my third year of training as a temporary monastic at Gampo Abbey monastery in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.

I will be departing Gampo Abbey this fall. How I have grown into my true nature here. I am stable, awake, clear. I am looking forward to sharing my innards outwardly with the wider world.


I am in love with the world.

Main teachers

my heart, your heart


After 5 years of training in spiritual warriorship at Shambhala Mountain Center and Gampo Abbey monastery, I feel ready to be a tree in a city. Trees are Tonglen Masters and my role models. I plan to re-enter the world of nursing in the state of Colorado. I am yearning to give freely my heartspace, to apply what I have learned to/in/for a wider world. Like a portal of basic goodness, it is fitting that SMC will be my exit point, as it was my entry point.


My offering is world peace. it's lofty, but pure intention is the fuel, the ground and the path. may it be the fruition.

Cost breakdown

$200.00 lodging costs
$500.00 train from Florence, SC to Denver, SC
$100.00 travel costs (luggage, meals, etc)

Funding until

24 August 2020 (Ended)

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