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Morning (Daily)- 20-30 minutes of Yin or Hatha Yoga

Night (Daily)- I practice 20-30 minutes of Qigong

Monday nights- Facilitate light yoga, qigong and journey visualizations at employment Women of Nations (culturally-specific emergency shelter for women and children fleeing domestic violence, sexual assault and human trafficking).


My spiritual journey began in January, 2013 when I met a teacher and ceremonial leader Chief Don Valerio Cohaila, a native Aymara from Tacna, Peru.
He is a YATIRI (priest), born in the Khallawaya community, 13,000 feet high in the Andes, the frontier for Peru and Bolivia. As an heir to the Andes/Amazon tradition, when the 10th cycle of the Pachacuteq Calendar started, in 1992 he was sent to Europe and North America by his Elders to share their traditions and to fulfill the Hopi Prophesy.

I am proud to say I have been a student for 7 years of Chief Valerio Cohaila and completed 2 Vision Quests and Supported 5 Vision Quests with his guidance.

Autumn of 2015, I studied and lived with Peruvian Indigenous Shipibo people for 3 months learning shamanic spiritual practices and rituals with emphasis on holistic healing and consciousness exploration for addiction, mental illnesses and physical illnesses. During that time I completed 3 prayer fasts. 5, 8 & 30 days.

I have been fortunate to have all these teachers in my life but to this day, my greatest teacher is my own father who passed last year on July 17th, 2019. I was gifted with 3 months by his bedside while cancer took his life. I found compassion, forgiveness and grace when I wasn't looking for it and was one of the most healing times of my life and has provided much peace in my heart.

My daily job is Director of Outreach/Youth Cultural Development at a non-profit organization Women of Nations in Saint Paul, Minnesota in the United States. It is a culturally-specific emergency shelter for women and children fleeing domestic violence, sexual assault and human trafficking.

I am an Uncle of 6 extraordinary nieces and nephews, one furry friend Cat Bob and recently got engaged on Summer Solstice this year. I am hopeful for the future for humanity and all living things even though we are living during these uncertain times.

Main teachers

Chief Don Valerio Cohaila, Master Chunyi Lin & Dan Hull (Anishinaabe)


Successfully complete 8-month program at Engaged Mindfulness Institute and be certified as a 300-hour Mindfulness Teacher and to facilitate mindfulness groups to underserved populations.


I was facilitating mindfulness groups at Hennepin County Jail, Minneapolis, Minnesota on a weekly basis for women and men until the pandemic put this on hold temporarily. I am committed to using this certification to open the door so I can be a vehicle to provide mindfulness practices at jails, prisons, addiction treatment centers and survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault and human trafficking.

Cost breakdown

$5475- Total Tuition
$208.25 Paypal fees & donation to TOB
$500 Paid
$2000 Scholarship
Remaining balance- $3183.25

Funding until

27 December 2020 (Ended)

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