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I've started meditation in Shambhala Marseille center in february 2015.
I've followed the teaching in every days life.
I've followed this programs Shambhala:Ni1 Niv2 Niv 3 Niv4 Niv 5 Rigden,Soleil du grand Est,Cheval de vent,Drala.
I practice the meditation in action because I'm the treasurer of the association Shambhala marseille.I'm participate to the life of the center(flowering the room where we practiced,intendance and all...)
I've followed a half-Dathün in summer 2019.


My name is Muriel Cabit.I 'm 52 years old.
I'm the mother of two young Women 20years old and 23 years old.
I'm divorced and I live only with my two daughters.
I was pharmacist but because of health problems I'm stopped to work. I live with an invalidity today.

Main teachers

Shastri Simon La Haye and Shastri Anne-Emmanuelle Roche-Bret


The purpose of my fundraising is to help me to pay this formation which is important for me.
Since more than a year I welcome new people and I help in the shambhala center of Marseille for the open doors and the mornig pratice of the sundays.
So I want to formalise this with this formation and the autorisation to guide new people in the practice.


The offering is for me a service but also a precious gift to help me to finance this guide formation because without an help I think it will be difficult for me to pay this program. Thank you so much.

Cost breakdown

The program coast: 210 €(282 Dollars) + To sleep and to eat:164€(193dollars)+adhesion and taxes to stay there 15,80€(18.60 dollars) +the price of the travel by car 200€ to go and back(235 dollars)
Total:589.80€(694 dollars)

Funding until

13 January 2021 (Ended)

Amount Requested