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I have been practicing meditation consistently for six years. I have taken classes at Shambhala NYC, Levels 1 and 2 of mindfulness teacher training with David Nichtern at Kaia Yoga, as well as regular Dharma-based meditation classes with Jacoby Ballard. I have frequented Dharma gatherings in NYC through Shambhala and Maha Rose and recently attended a retreat through Presence Collective. I regularly listen to talks and meditations on Insight Timer and podcasts like Ten Percent Happier and On Being.


I am a New York based actress, passionate about storytelling, cultivating community, authenticity and elevating marginalized voices. These values have grown through my involvement in theatre, and are now a driving force in my desire to pursue teaching mindfulness. Coming back to the present moment has had a tremendous impact in my own life and I look forward to sharing these tools with others.

Main teachers

Fleet Maull is the founder of EMI and lead teacher


I am pursuing this mindfulness teacher training to deepen my own practice and to develop the skills necessary to offer meditation instruction. In addition to working with those I am already in direct contact with, I am interested in supporting the practice of mindfulness in underserved communities, such as the aging, and those in prisons.


I would love to record guided meditations and make those available throughout my training.

Cost breakdown

Training at 40% reduction

Funding until

16 September 2020 (Ended)

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  • Good luck with this endeavor

    - Anonymous


  • Love you! And can't wait to see what your journey holds... sooo many exciting things.... which of course includes a dressing room share with meee ;) <3

    - Anonymous


  • You’ll make a perfect meditation teacher 👍🏻

    - Tatyana Kot


  • Sending best wishes, and good energy for you as you begin this new journey!

    - Michael Wells-Oakes


  • Bon courage!

    - BJ Rubin


  • Go Jeanne!

    - Elizabeth Arcese


  • Jean, You will be a fantastic couch 👍🏻 Love you!

    - Tatyana Kot


  • I’m so excited for you!!

    - Zulivet