Nancy kaplon


United States


I've been Buddhist for about 30 years, and one of the reasons I was magnetized to begin with was the idea of engaged Buddhism, since I was a social change activist. I've been a Shambhala Buddhist for about 4 years. I served for about 18 months on the international Shambhala Process Team, and when we could meet in person, I served as an aide for classes and as a tea break baker for my Shambhala Center. I believe deeply in engaged Buddhism and very much look forward to deepening my understanding and application of its principles through this course.


I grew up in a working class family in Western Pennsylvania and was the first member of my family to attend college. I love learning and have 2 masters degrees. I’ve been unable to work for several years due to chronic fatigue syndrome and Meniere’s disease, but before becoming ill I was a school librarian in charter schools in Washington, DC.

Online programs have been a wonderful thing to experience during this pandemic year, and I'm delighted that this has opened our practice space wider.

Main teachers

Pema Chodron, Ethan Nichtern


I am asking for your help to allow me to attend this yearlong training in socially engaged Buddhism through the Upaya Institute and Zen Center. I was able to receive a $500 scholarship from Upaya, and that leaves a balance of $1,300. I can pay a few hundred dollars of this myself, but could use help with the remainder.


As part of this course we as participants engage in a social action project, and this is my offering to the world -- to take this learning and apply it in skillful action.

Cost breakdown

$1,300 for the (reduced) cost of the program
$91.00 to cover the offering to The Offering Bowl

Funding until

01 February 2021 (Ended)

Amount Requested





Recent donations

  • Happy Birthday!! May you have an enjoyable learning experience.

    - Sara L. of the EVC Saras

  • Do it :)

    - Kristine Mccutcheon

  • Happy to help with this noble aspiration!

    - Chris Montone

  • Good for you for taking this; looks like quite a curriculum and set of teachers.

    - Nancy Green

  • enjoy the program, Roshi Joan and team are so awesome

    - JUDY TSO

  • I’m so excited for you to attend this program! Your commitment and dedication to growth and contribution is a gift. Learn a lot, have fun, and we love you!

    - Anyana Banerjee

  • Good luck!

    - Elizabeth Deju


  • I hope you enjoy the program, Nancy. It sounds great!

    - Lucia Soto

  • What a wonderful adventure!

    - Jayne S

  • It is such a pleasure and a gift to be your friend! The world needs skillful action and you are the person to do it! xoxo

    - Amanda Barrett

  • - Tam

  • I look forward to hearing about this program Nancy.

    - Deirdre Joy


  • - bart leonard

  • Looking forward to hear about what you have learned in the course.

    - Patricia McIsaac

  • I think everyone will benefit from your attendance at this program, Nancy. Wishing you well, and may your studies bear fruit.

    - Francie Reed