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I have been studying the Dharma for over 8 years and have worked at the Philadelphia Shambhala Center with families, at the Summer family camp with young children, and have worked as a volunteer with middle school children from underprivileged backgrounds in rural Mexico. I began my training with John Perkins in SMA, Mexico, then studied in Philadelphia, for 3 years where I completed level I, and then studied under Lourdes Alvares in Tepoztlan Mexico, for another 3 years where I completed Levels II and III and many other programs and study group.


I was born and raised in Mexico. I am a philosopher, activist and bilingual educator committed to build bridges among people from diverse cultures and backgrounds. For over 20 years I have worked as an educator, particularly with indigenous people from Mexico and The Unites States building bridges through dialogue and education. I am a certified Montessori teacher and a mindfulness teacher for children and youth with Mindful Schools. I am developing a curriculum where dialogue, mindfulness and somatic work are at the center for body-mind integration.

Main teachers

Pema Chodron, Andrea Borbolla, Ashley Turner


Since before the pandemia began I have been working with underprivileged children and their families to give them the tools of mindfulness and dialogue. Now I am also incorporating conscious movement so needed during the lockdown bu also as a a healing tool of somatic work. The training in transforming your emotions and Yoga Therapy will be invaluable to continue developing a non-profit curriculum that includes three pillars for healing and incorporating body and mind. These pillars are reflective dialogue, mindfulness and somatic body work so that we can truly heal and transform personally and as humanity.


I am posting a meditation and text on mindfulness, dialogue and body awareness every week for whomever needs it in both English and Spanish. I will continue to do so for people to have access to quality meditation and other tools during the pandemic, and will continue volunteering at a shelter for abused girls in the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. For those donating I also offer a free class of your choice: Spanish, yoga for kids in Spanish, a guided meditation, a Socratic dialogue for kids or adults (or both). Contact me with your choice:
You can visit my facebook page: and blog:

Cost breakdown

$50 (discounted rate) Turn Your World Around with Pema Chodron
$500.(discounted rate) 75 hrs yoga alliance. Yoga Therapy Training
$1,000 (80% OFF) 300 hrs Yoga.Psyche.Soul Yoga alliance Certificate training
$110 other fees

Funding until

09 July 2021 (Ended)

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Recent donations

  • Thank you for your devotion and good luck with your continued training!

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  • Muchos ánimos. Que trabajo tan lindo.

    - Eloy Portillo

  • Thank you for walking this path!

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  • ¡Sigue Adelante! I admire your work very much

    - Diane Kandel


  • Es bonito su trabajo. Muy buen suerte.

    - Robert


  • Que la vaya bien.

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  • Great undertaking. Very admirable. Have a most prosperous and blessed 2021.

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  • Que maravilloso. Te apoyo en todos tus metas sublimes.

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