I have been practicing dharma from past 1 year ...


I am kamlesh Kumar. I belong from the Himalayan region, Uttrakhand . I am graduated and now live in Delhi and doing a job as a cashier

Main teachers

Kamal Joshi


I am constructing a small school in Himalayan region for autistic children as I come from Himalayan region and has seen really less school for the autistic children and if available poor people could not afford the fees..


We all as participants try providing education to all the poor children whose parents can't afford expensive school fees - this gives them a chance to write their own future full of colors and to give shape to their future the way they want and not the way others want ....

Cost breakdown

Construction of school
= $ 40,000
Other items like stationery , toys etc
= $ 3,000

Funding until

06 July 2021 (Ended)

Amount Requested