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I started reading and learning about buddhism more and more and then i took the refuge vows from afar from garchen rinpoche on 08.08.2021. Later also the bodhicitta vows. I received my spiritual name könchok mindröl tobgyal

My current practice looks like this but it changes a lot as i dont have contact with a lama right now unfortuanly.

In the morning and in the evening i recite some prayers from the prayer book of garchen rinpoche (including refuge prayers)
-reciting multiplying mantras
Then spinning the prayer wheel and supplication to tara.
-Buddha akshobya mantra and mantra to bless my vows.
-spinning the prayer wheel multiple times a day
- trying to add accumilation of the 7 line prayer to my practice and also spreading the word about the 7 line prayer accumilation like i did here https://www.dharmawheel.net/viewtopic.php?f=40&t=38206
- wearing the liberation on sight braclet, applying the blessing balm and drinking a bit from the blessings pills of garchen rinpoche.
-brief vajra claw dharani
- 35 confession buddhas before bed
-trying to add serkyem offerings to my practice

Im very sensitive and i have difficultys since a year to establish a frim meditation practice because i can get headpressure and pressure on the bridge of my nose when i meditate.
So i was already supposed to take initiation into a deity and meditate on emptiness but that is on hold for now because of a divination.
So i hope the prayer wheel helps me to get there faster so i can take empowerment. I feel it helps a lot with my sensetivity and empowers my practice.


My name is riccardo, im 24, and i live in germany. in june i had a tibetan astrology reading and it came out that i needed to move to gain distance from my parents so i moved without plan a week later and im now going from place to place hoping to find myself and find out what is important for me. Im also looking for a job and i hope that the job interview that i have on wednsday works out 🤞 trying to settle down for a bit and then i would like to go into solitary retreat.

Main teachers

Garchen Rinpoche


After i saw Garchen rinpoche spin the prayer wheel and as i become more and more familiar with the benefits i became very facinated with prayer wheels. I bought a prayer wheel from etsy in june wich had 350 mani mantras written on paper inside. I already noticed much of the benefits and it helped with developing bodhcitta as i spun it multiple times a day for the benefit of all beings in the 6 realms. Not long after i was longing for a prayer wheel with microfilm inside so milions of mantras can fit but i could not afford a custom made one so i asked if i could just buy the microfilm to different prayer wheel makers and only one accepted that he sent me a small strip of the mani mantra (aprx 100.000 and vajra guru mantra (42,000).
Now as spinning the prayer wheel i would say is my main practice i would love to be able to order a custom one as it helps me very much  and also all beings. As of now i would love to put many mani mantras, 7 line prayers inside and vajra guru mantras inside. If i would add more im still unsure.

I requested an observation from kopan monestary for what pujas would be good for me as i was not feeling well and it came out that a peaceful fire puja, recitation of the whole prajnaraparamita and Shernying dudog puja would be good for me. I could not afford to pay 150.00 $ so i asked if i could pay it at a later date and kindly agreed. I hope it can be payed back soon.

I would appreciate every donation from the bottom of my heart!


My gratitude and the dedication of merit after i spun my prayer wheel!

Cost breakdown

150$ for the 3 pujas from kopan monestary.
200$ for the custom made handheld prayer wheel from prayerwheelshop.com (the prayer wheel costs more then 200$ but i am selling some of my crystals wich hopefully contritubte to the rest)
And fees

Funding until

18 December 2021 (15 days left)

Amount Requested