My practice for many years was to know the Way by studing Dharma, experiencing Dharma and realizing Dharma, such as developping full attention or awareness, developping mindfullness, concentrate in one point, and remain in bliss
and now, after studing, experiencing and realizing, i remain with this Dharma.


From my young age to now, the envy to be out of suffering was my goal to liberate myself from samsara or suffering. and until now, i tried to liberate myself :
i renonciate to this world,
i abandoned suffering such as the 3 poisons : anger, attachement and ignorance,
i avoid desire, jalousy and pride
and now,
each time i can help my next one,
i developp the 6 perfections: generosity, discipline, patience, effort, concentration and wisdom
and that's how i practice every day of my life

Main teachers

14e Dalaï-Lama, Kalou Rimpoche, S.N. Goenka, 17e Karmapa, Thich Nhat Hanh, Gushe Kelsang Gyatso Rimpoche


After many years to study Dharma in various ways such as Mindfullness, Vipassana, developping Boddhichitta, going to enlightenment, i practice theses instructions and i develop a state of peacefull attitude remaining in bliss, and now i'm looking a place very quiet to maintain this state without too much obstacles and so i'll benefit for all living being such a good energy from this blissfull state, still in me and in a quiet place.


As i mentioned earlier, i help my next one, by doing my best for him, developping the 6 perfections and i adapt my speach following who is in front of me, such as a kid, i help in a funny way, a boy or a girl in a giving way, a young in a discipline way and a adult in a responsible way.
the 4 immesurables are very important here : Compassion, Love, Joy and Equanimity, so the next Buddha will be known :)

Cost breakdown

17€ / night - room
23€ / day - nutrition
90 days - 3 month retreat
( 17 + 23 ) x 90 = 3 600 €
lack will be provide from me,
extra will be given to charity

Funding until

26 April 2022 (144 days left)

Amount Requested