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I met the Dharma 3 years ago while traveling in Nepal. Since then, I have been putting a lot of heart and energy into my studies and practice.

I have been taking different teachings, volunteering in two Dharma centers (Gomde UK and Kagyu Samye Ling Belgium) and already spent a few months on retreats over the last 3 years.

I am currently self-studying Tibetan in order to deepen my understanding of the texts I am practicing. These studies have given rise to the wish to study translation next year at Rangjung Yeshe Institute. I love this language and would like to be able, one day, to translate so that the Dharma can be passed genuinely to the West and benefit many people.

I wish to open to love and compassion as well as to intellectual understanding of the Buddhist philosophy so that impermanence, kindness and clarity can arise naturally, genuinely and authentically into my mindstream.


I am a 31 year old high school teacher in an alternative high school in Belgium. I have been trying to put all my love and care into my work so that my students can develop their curiosity, heart and comprehension.
But since it was complicated to focus wholeheartedly to both my job and Dharma practice, I took one year off to focus on Dharma practice and studies.
I am currently already practicing in Gomde Pyrénées.

Main teachers

Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche and Lama Rinchen Palmo


My wish is to spend the 3 months from mid February 2022 until mid May 2022 between 2 group retreats wich are hold in Gomde Pyrénées and Gomde Danemark. I have been saving money and working hard all last year as an high school teacher in order to take one year to focus on study, contemplation and meditation but I still need some monetary help in order to complete my savings and practice wholeheartedly to deepen my understanding of the Path.


As an offering I will continue to put all my heart and energy into my practice with the aspiration to be able, one day, to benefit genuinely all beings.

Cost breakdown

- Sphère of the refined gold spring retreat =2400€
- Padmasambhava 35 days retreat in Gomde Danemark = 806€

Total : 3 206 € or 3 678 $

Funding until

04 February 2022 (63 days left)

Amount Requested







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  • I'm rejoicing, may your Retreats shower you with Love and Blessings 😊

    - Christian Casanova


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  • Bonne chance !

    - Etienne, Natacha, Thelma et Merlin


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  • Plein d'amour sur toi 😘

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  • Beaucoup de bonheur sur ton chemin, Aurore

    - Isabelle


  • Bonjour Aurore Mon fils est aussi dans la démarche bouddhiste et à priori dans la même lignée que vous. Bel engagement ! Bonne retraite !

    - Anonymous

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    - Arnaud


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  • Good luck! Happy meditating and may there be many blessings on your path.

    - Linda


  • Good luck

    - Olaf van Kooten


  • Quel beau chemin ! Bon vent sur la voie du Dharma

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  • Bonne retraite Aurore, j’espère que ça t’aidera dans ton projet

    - Damien


  • Good luck!!!

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