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I have been studying and practicing with Shambhala for almost 7 years. I started my practice in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico with John Perkins. There I got to meet the late Aline Lion. Then I moved to Philadelphia, where I was part of the leading group for the Bodhi School for kids and families for 3 years. When I had to move back to Mexico, I chose the town based on where there was a Shambhala sanga. Here I have continued my practice under the guidance of Erica Cohen and Shastri Lourdes Alvarez, and have taken yearly retreats with Acharya Richard John. I was also a co-teacher for the Tigers at family camp in Vermont 2016.


I am a mom, wife and teacher who has a background in facilitating dialogues for diverse groups of people. I have a master's degree in teaching philosophy for children, and I am a bilingual K-8 teacher and most recently a Montessori teacher. I have been teaching mindfulness to families and kids for 5 years and my practice has positively impacted my relationships. Ever since my teen years, I have involved myself in different groups and have always been a leader in starting and guiding projects. In spite of my low- middle class background in Mexico, I have achieved what I aspire to be, always with the vision of a better society, and relying on the generosity of others who share my vision and trust me.

Main teachers

Nicole Libin, Bob Stahl


I have been longing to deepen my practice and sharing it with others, especially my students and other children and teens from low income backgrounds that would benefit from it. I am planning to begin a group for teens in my town, where addictions and other mental problems are prevalent. This certification comes down to a very personal level, finishing a week long silent retreat, a necessity for my practice but not possible with my very low teaching salary.


My offer is to continue deepening my personal practice with the same continuity and commitment I always have, but also to share this with others from more disadvantages than I have. I will be offering a free mindfulness group for middle school kids that were under a very traumatic situation during the earthquake that hit our state on September 19th. I plan to work with youth recovering from addictions as well as continuing doing it with my elementary school students and my daughters. You can visit my blog to see my progress: http://ceciphillipsmindful.simplesite.com/438085402

Cost breakdown

Tuition $2.500.00 (I got $1,000 off for scholarship).
End of the program week-long silent retreat $1,000.
Other fees: $200.00

Funding until

31 December 2017 (Ended)

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Recent donations

  • In support of your bodhisattva path.

    - judy luther


  • Querida Ceci, Estoy segura de que beneficiaras a muchos, tienes un hermoso corazón.

    - Ivette Guillermo


  • I can't think of a more powerful way of multiplying true peace in the world, than by transforming the mind-heart-body one person at a time. Thank you, Ceci for giving me the opportunity to help.

    - Gregory


  • De todo corazon Ceci, te mando un abrazo! Mukasha

    - Anonymous

  • - Robert Merchasin

  • - Anonymous


  • Great aspiration. Great work. May you benefit many children! E Ma Ho!

    - Anonymous


  • Hola Cecilia, I hope to see you at Family Camp and catch up on the progress of your project. Buena suerte. Andrea

    - Andrea Darby


  • Wishing you all the best on your path of bravery and kindness!

    - Chris & Stephanie


  • Ki ki so so!

    - Tsöndrü Nicholson

  • Please, always face east and raise lungta. You are on the right path.

    - Vivi Spicer


  • Best wishes, Ceci! (I'm a Philadelphia Shambhala member.)

    - Frederick strathmann


  • Ceci, my hope is that the expertise you have cultivated in this life will be recognized, and that women and children are valued in our organizations as highly as adult men.

    - Kim Desrosiers


  • Best wishes for your path!

    - Philadelphia Shambhala Center


  • Hoping this small contribution will help you on the path

    - John Perkins


  • Con agradecimiento por su acción compasiva y valiente corazón. Que tus acciones cultiven paz en los corazones de aquellos a quienes enseñas.

    - Marilia Marien


  • - Fam. Schultz


  • I am glad you are being of so much benefit. May you continue to do so!

    - jan wilcox


  • Great you can bring this perspective to Mexico

    - Gary Hubiak


  • Sarva Mangalam

    - Julia Huttel


  • good luck with your wonderful work!

    - A.K. de Vries