I am what is commonly known in the Shambhala Community as a dharma brat. I have been studying and practicing the dharma seriously since about the age of 17 (so about 16 years). I have been mostly deeply involved in the Dorje Kasung, the protection and service corps of Shambhala, which is its own path of practice. I do shamatha, windhorse/lungta of various forms, various Kasung practices, and occasionally stroke practice. I have already done Warrior's Assembly. While in a technical sense I might be considered still a Hinayana practicioner, Kasungship has definite Mahayana and Vajrayana qualities, especially for those who go to Magyal Pomra Encampment.


I am a Museum Guide at Griffith Observatory and substitute teacher for several school districts, as well as a struggling/aspiring writer. I am also engaged in a single subject (Social Science) teaching credential program at Calstate LA, for which I have taken out some student loans. I live with my mother and a small/medium dog in Los Angeles.

Main teachers

Adam Lobel and Melissa Moore


I am about to leave for Enlightened Society Assembly in Berkeley this month. I have paid most of the fixed costs of the program, and should be able to cover all the incidental costs I will encounter on the way and during the program up front. However, I am now concerned about whether I will then be able to pay all my regular expenses before I start getting paid as a substitute teacher again in early September.


I offer my continued service as a Dorje Kasung (Gesar), Desung, and as the Khenchung (assistant squad leader) of my Kasung squad.

Cost breakdown

$880- Program Cost; $53 Application Fee; $35 Online Prep Class
$229 Housing-Related (Parking+); $80 Gas
Likely a few additional unknowns

Funding until

17 July 2017 (Ended)

Amount Requested





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  • enjoy- bring us back the stories please.

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  • Very happy for you, Steven!

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  • You are one of the most selfless and deeply loyal Kasung I've known. Good luck on the path of non-aggression.

    - Tom Gottlieb


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  • Good luck, Steven!

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  • Wish it could be more...L. is heading for retreat also.

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  • Hearing you sing Cole Porter is basically good 🎶

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