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I have been studying and practicing the Dharma since 2000, initially in the Bay Area, and for the past eight years, in the Shambhala tradition. I regularly devote time for practice and study at home and at the Atlanta Shambhala Center where I am an active volunteer for open house sitting, sadhana practice, weekend programs and other events. I have done extensive training as a Shambhala Guide and a Course-Leader. This year, as a member of the Center's Committee for Societal Health and Well-being, I assisted in launching deleks throughout the Atlanta area (deleks are smaller neighborhood sanghas to encourage greater community support and practice).


I have always been a seeker of meaning and truth. Intergenerational family trauma and my own struggles led me to the Dharma when I was in my twenties. Now twenty years later, I count myself as a fortunate being who gets to practice awakening every day and making genuine contact with the world. My work as a psychotherapist and my experience as partner, friend, sister, daughter and community member have been immeasurably enriched by my study and practice of the Dharma.

Statement of Need and Financial Circumstances
I work within a non-profit collective which does not provide benefits or paid time off. Most of my monthly income goes toward covering basic living expenses including mortgage, food, utilities, health insurance, ongoing training, clinical consultation and retirement.

Main teachers

Acharya Gaylon Ferguson and Acharya Arawana Hayashi


Warrior Assembly is the culminating retreat to an intensive Shambhala training program called the Sacred Path program. It offers teachings and practices enabling the transformation of confusion and hesitation into wisdom and authenticity. In the Shambhala view, as well as my own experience, it is only through working with our own confusion and fear that we are able to truly be of service to others.


I intend to continue serving others as a coordinator, umdze, course-leader and committee member at the Shamabhala Center and as an open, genuine and compassionate member of society. I will continue to integrate my learnings and growth into my work as a psychotherapist with the aim of helping support other people's discovery of their own innate source of wisdom and awakeness.

Cost breakdown

Tuition: $675
Materials fee: $250
Accomodations: $1,199
Travel: $360
Total Program Costs: $2,484
Scholarship: -$300

7% (paypal fees & Offering Bowl donation):$153

Funding until

22 August 2017 (Ended)

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