South Africa


At age 21, in 2009 I began daily meditation as a result of facing personal difficulties and therefore seeking to strengthen my mind. As I continued my secular practise and recognized the benefits that arose, I began visiting the Kagyu Buddhist Centre for weekly Beginner Meditation classes that same year. I continued to participate in several classes, workshops and retreats over the years, taking formal Refuge in 2014. I also moved into the Buddhist Centre as a resident in 2014 where I continued with classes, retreats and personal practise into 2017. My practise has steadily increased over the years with longer and longer daily meditations. I am currently getting ready to undertake a one year retreat at the Samye Ling Retreat Centre to complete my Ngondro, with the intention to continue onwards there with the traditional 3 year retreat. The reason for this is to deepen my practise and become a better individual, capable of making a positive impact in the world.


I grew up in Zimbabwe till i was 18, spent a year in Australia and the last 9 years in Cape Town South Africa.

I studied product design for 6 years, receiving a Masters degree in the subject in 2016. I have been part of leading and developing products which assist disabled people with basic tasks, help people with Insomnia fall asleep and ensure better posture for computer users.

My true passion is the Dharma and working with mind to become a more kind and compassionate person. I find it so wonderful to be a part of and am honoured that my life has allowed for the opportunities to study, contemplate and meditate this far.

Main teachers

Drupon Rinpoche and Donal Creedon


There is a profound depth to this life which is too often ignored and left unexplored. I know that it exists because I have caught glimpses of it through my practise. These sparks and embers of experience together with the faultless Dharma teachings have inspired a seeking and aspiration in me to develop a life devoted to cultivating this goodness. I have come to understand and appreciate the enormously good fortune of what it means to be able to practise under the guidance of a realised master, and how very rare this opportunity is. It is clear to me that through this relationship, and dedicated practise, it is possible to uncover and stabilise a new way of being in the world; one that is urgently needed. I believe that when I am able to operate from this space with greater confidence, I will be of far more benefit to society than I would otherwise. Not only this, but I see it as the most wonderful and joyous way of engaging with this life; constantly developing and expressing one’s body, speech and mind with the intent to benefit all beings!
It is for these reasons that I have decided to embark on a long retreat in Scotland at Samye Ling; and although the decision has been completely resolved, none the less it is frightening as I know the extremely rigorous work that lies ahead. It is also so very sad, to leave behind the beautiful people (especially the young nephews and nieces).
My intention is to complete the first year of retreat which is Ngondro, and then to continue straight into the 3 year long retreat that follows should all the appropriate conditions be met: That the retreat Master is happy for me to continue, that I am happy for me to continue, and that there is sufficient sponsorship to see me through.


I will offer support to 3 other practitioners on The Offering Bowl.
I will write a letter at the end of my retreat, sharing my experience throughout the year, for anyone who may be interested.
I will be doing my year long retreat and all my practise for the rest of my life for all beings.
If wisdom is realized through my practise I will share this freely.

Cost breakdown

All cost are in British Pounds:

5500 - General Retreat costs (Accommodation & food)
710 - Travel from South Africa to Scotland

Funding until

13 January 2018 (Ended)

Amount Requested