I have been practicing in Shambhala Lineage from2011. I’m lucky to live in the countryside of Dechen Choling (70 kilometers far). So I have made all my path there. I inclued the Enlightened Society last automn. I began Eva Wong’s teachings in 2015.


I’ve ground up and studied in Paris, the big city.
I worked there between 21 and 24 as assistant director on movies.
Then I quit the city and my confortable work to come in the countryside with others young people to built a community ;
I studied passionatly the wild local medicinal plants for 6 years. I learned lot more than about plants. Then i intégrate a school of biodynamical cranio-sacral therapy for 4 years.
I’m now a therapist of cranio sacral biodynamic since one year and a half. I really enjoy this work, in which I find concepts, world vision and human beings similar as Shambalha. But my busyness is very young and I don’t earn a lot of money. Unfortunately, I can’t spare money for more programs. That’s why I try to raise money on the Offering Bowl.
I am also the mother of a lovely 8 years old girl , called Ouma.

Main teachers

Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche, Catherine Eveillard, Samten Kobelt, Eva Wong.


I am fundraising to take part in the retreat of Qi Gong with Eva Wong. (traditional Chinese Qigong - Tendon Changing / Marrow Washing and Animal Forms), which will take place in Dechen Chôling at the end of September.
I began Qigong with Eva Wong 2 years ago at the same time I commit on the warrior path. For me those 2 teachings make the balance. Qigong strenghs and deepens my meditation practice. It’s very important for me to follow both.
As Eva Wong rarely gives the same program in France, if I miss this retreat I won’t be able to continue after because all retreat is a prerequisite for the following.
Dechen Chöling offered helps on my path. But now, I would like to to reduce their contribution.


My offering is to coordonate levels in Dechen Choling , as I already make since one year.

Cost breakdown

The price of the programme is already reduced for me with 155. 
My actual costs are 482 dollars (programme cost with accomodation and food)

Funding until

29 September 2017 (Ended)

Amount Requested





Recent donations

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  • good luck for you!

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  • Heureux d'avoir de tes nouvelles! Heureux de pouvoir aider un petit peu. Heureux d'entamer très bientôt une nouvelle vie de papa. Au plaisir de te revoir, Christophe

    - Christophe Hazard

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