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I have been practicing in Shambhala lineage since 2005. I took refuge in 2006 from Acharia Simone Luna, traveled along Shambhala Path – 2007 Sutrayana Seminary, 2009 Vajarayana Seminary and 2011 Rigden Abisheka. Completely convinced about preciousness of these teachings I attended Scorpion Seal Assembly 1 last year.


I was always engaged in administration path: I was a member of council, group coordinator in Szczecin for many years. I live in Silesia now. I am member of Krakow Shambhala Group formally. I support the Center as a guide and coordinate programs (I’ve coordinated already Rigden Weekend and Shambhala Level I in this year). I’m also very much engage in meditation group in Katowice (Silesia – where I live). We’ve just rent a flat and put a lot effort and money to renovate it, 02.09 will be official opening of the Center
I had also opportunity to serve in at the SMR Summer Court in DCL few times.
I moved from Szczecin to Bytom and changed work four years ago. I work for ISKIERKA Foundation –
nonprofit organization providing financial, psychological and social support to children with cancer and to their families. I find my work very meaningful. But it is not well paid. I decided to improve my competences and my financial situation and graduated coach course. I'am beginner and I still need some time and practice to earn enough to pay for programs in DCL by myself. That is why I ask you very kindly for a help – without you support I’m not able to attend SSA2.

Main teachers

Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche


I am raising money to enable me to attend the Scorpion Seal Assembly 2 in Dechen Choling, in September this year.


I will continue to serve to local community, to Katowice Group and Krakow Center and at the Kalapa Court to the best of my ability. I promise to support others when I will manage to improve my financial situation.

Cost breakdown

Program price 1050 €
Materials about 102 € (after 40% discount)
Travel coast 150 €
= 1302 €
- 210 € scholarship
- 250 € I’m able to cover by myself
= 842 € + 59 € donation for TOB & Paypal fees
= 901 €

Funding until

06 September 2017 (Ended)

Amount Requested





Recent donations

  • May you have a wonderful SSA2!!

    - Sophie Leger


  • May you have a profound and magical retreat!

    - Lisa Cappelli


  • Practice as though your hair was on fire.

    - Vivi Spicer


  • Be well!

    - Lidia


  • Maybe we'll cross paths again at SS3!

    - Anonymous


  • :) see you soon...

    - Jeremy Taylor

  • Dear Iza may you take the next step with our precious teachings.

    - Susanne

  • <3

    - Magda


  • Uściski Izo i wielkie dzięki za Twoje budowanie katowickiego ośrodka :*

    - Agna


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  • - Konstanze Brockstedt