Hello! Welcome to my Offering Bowl page. Thank you for visiting. I hope you enjoy reading a little about me and why I am raising money for this program.

I was introduced to the Shambhala teachings as a student at Naropa University in Boulder, CO in 2013. I moved into a Shambhala community where I lived for two years, and at the beginning of 2017 participated in a month-long meditation retreat. Dathun (this month-long meditation retreat) deeply awakened my heart and helped me step into fearlessness. When once I was judgmental of Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche, to my surprise this year I've fallen in Devotional Love with him, his lineage, and his teaching which is why I now want to return to Karme Choling to do Mukpo Institute.

I do samatha-vipassana meditation, as well as Shambhala meditation. I have found a wonderful little sangha to sit with weekly and was introduced there to zen coans and insight meditation. I also have a dance and yoga practice.


I am a 24 year old woman with a desire to awaken fully to who I am and be of impactful service. I've learned that this thing we call "waking up" is actually quite ordinary; it is simply about accepting our human selves just as we are and bravely letting down the walls we put up around our hearts.

This year has been both a challenging and DEEPLY transformational year. Radically reclaiming the self I've cast aside as "unloveable" or "too much" to be entirely basically good has lead to inner wholeness, freedom from former dualistic and moralistic thinking, and realization of the power I hold within the center of my body-being.

I've studied the twin sciences of Yoga and Ayurveda this year. I am working with an Ayurvedic doctor who runs a clinic for disadvantaged peoples in India. He has invited me to go with him to India to work in his clinic, an opportunity I am deeply excited about! I can not wait to return to India and apply the training in Mukpo Institute to the healing work I will do there. My goal is to eventually branch off from working in his Ayurvedic clinic to creating my own outreach organization aimed specifically at providing disadvantaged women and their children empowerment through education, wellness, and psycho-sexual healing.

Community work has been an important part of my life. I founded a volunteer program seven years ago which is still running today, and was first introduced to the complex social issues of the Red Light District in Calcutta, India through the organization Girls Learn International at thirteen.

A part of my story is my history of multiple traumas. As a result I've struggled with chronic inflammation, chronic pain and fatigue, adrenal issues, as well as with depression and anxiety for years. My biggest challenge has been living with the damage of surgical trauma. Living with major loss on a daily basis has been deeply challenging. I have not been able to find healing, until recently. I've amazingly been able to find some physical healing through Buddhist Vajrayana practices I've learned this year.

I want to formally learn more about Vajrayana as I continue on my path of deepening self-honesty, self-acceptance, and loving-kindness so that I can apply this sacred important knowledge to my work in India. I believe the training and guidance I will receive in Mukpo Institute will help me cultivate my practice of loving-kindness, fearlessness, self-care, self-honesty, to heal physically and help me radically be who I am.

Main teachers

Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche, Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche


I am raising money so that I can participate in a three-month immersion program in the Shambhala Buddhist teachings, arts, and meditation instruction called Mukpo Institute.

Among the many courses and trainings I'll be partaking in are Natural World as Teacher, Shambhala Levels IV and V, Conflict Resolution. I will learn Ikebana and Kyuodo and receive continual meditation instruction. The whole goal is befriending your mind, working with your pain and confusion, letting down the walls around your heart, and waking up. If you'd like to learn more about this three-month program, here is the website:

I will apply the training I receive during Mukpo Institute to my life and my career afterwards so that I may express as the most sovereign true and empowered version of myself and be of impactful service.

I will be raising money during the program and afterwards so that I can afford to go.


My offering is the work I will do in India, informed by the teachings, training, and practice I will do in Mukpo Institute.

I will also do an offering of Tonglen practice for all those who donate.

If you feel inspired by my story and my wish to continue to heal, wake up, and be of benefit, I would greatly appreciate a donation of any amount. I can not afford this program without donations.

Thank you very much for any support, it really means so much to me. <3

Cost breakdown

$1,300 goes towards my program and housing

$250 goes towards my course materials and any other practice materials

$105 (7% of total raised) goes towards The Offering Bowl and PayPal fees

Funding until

20 February 2018 (Ended)

Amount Requested





Recent donations

  • Wishing you the best in your Mukpo journey. See you at dathun! <3 Katie

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  • May you and all reach the citadel of bliss.

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  • Your peaceful heart is a worthy cause xo

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  • Blessing on your journey dear Leah. You deserve to follow your heart, we all do. Grateful that you are following yours. Here's a little something to help out. ~Violet (aka Michelle-Desiree)

    - Michelle-Desiree Lobato

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  • you're a gem!

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