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I have been practicing the Dharma for 10 years in the Shambhala Buddhist lineage. I feel fortunate to have attended Rigden Abhisheka this past summer.

My path as a facilitator of social meditation began in November of 2014 at the Boston Shambhala Center. Experiencing social meditation that single time inspired me to spend the next several months getting certified to lead social meditation and beginning a social meditation group in Bloomington, IN in July of 2015. Through the support of donors, I was able to deepen in the view of social meditation at Karme Choling in Vermont in October of 2015. Now I've landed in Denver and am delighted to contribute to leadership of the social meditation group here.


I find myself on the knife-edge of the present moment, having spent the last 7 years working on a PhD in Psychology and Neuroscience. As my dissertation defense comes within sight, I contemplate the path forward. I know that i have a passion for the education of others. I care about how we interact with each other in our families, at school, and at work. Honing my skills in facilitating social meditation is a concrete step forward on my path of benefitting others. This opportunity to train in leadership with my mentor Nick Kranz will aid me in synthesizing my training in western psychology with my life aspiration of creating enlightened society.

Main teachers

Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche, Shastri Nick Kranz


Shastri Kranz has offered to mentor me as an Assistant Director for this year's social meditation deep retreat at Gampo Abbey. The Abbey can cover 50% of my travel costs (Denver, CO to Cape Breton, NS). I am trying to raise the remaining 50% here.


Propagating the practice of social meditation wherever it is beneficial.

Cost breakdown

Airline Ticket
$100.00 (50% shuttle to & from Gampo Abbey)
$337.85 (50% Airfare from Denver to Halifax)
$ 30.65 (Offering Bowl + Paypal fees)

Funding until

06 September 2017 (Ended)

Amount Requested





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  • I'm so excited for you!

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  • So glad to know this practice is moving forward and passionate facilitators like you are carrying it outward. hooray!

    - Vicky Moyle

  • I'll support anything you do Drew, because I know it'll be for good.

    - Rena Grossman


  • Enjoy!

    - Michelle


  • Honoring your gift you're sharing with your community.

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  • You go, Drew! (Literally and figuratively!

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  • Enjoy the programme, Drew!!!

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  • With love, Drew! Have a great retreat.

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  • I admire you, Drew!

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