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I was just recently introduced to studying and practicing the Dharma. I feel with certainty that it is the most important and time sensitive thing I can do with this life, especially with the current state of the world.

The more I practice and study I am aware of a growing trust in my ability to work with my habitual patterns of negativity, self-centeredness and stuckness and to replace these old habits with altruistic intentions.


Hi there! My name is Jacy. From Denver, Colorado, I come from a large and loving family. I attend weekly meditation sessions, and take the time to meditate on my own as often as I can while exploring potential learning experiences.

Main teachers

I do not have a Root Guru as of yet


I am hoping to raise funds in order to attend Beyond Suffering: Unconditional Self Love, Mindfulness, Meditation & Qi Gong Retreat at Shabhala Mountain from September 29-October 1, and thereby to deepen my practice. I hope that by doing so, I can be of greater assistance within my meditation centre and community. I am also raising the funds to become formally trained in the art and experience of mindfulness.


To dedicate my practice over the course of assembly to the generosity of those who offer their support and encouragement. And to keep them in mind as an example!

Cost breakdown

$718 is the total cost of the program
$300 of that is for the program fee
$418 of that is for lodging

Funding until

11 September 2017 (Ended)

Amount Requested




Recent donations

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