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My name is Troy Suben aka Namkha Gawa. I have been practicing and studying Vajra Dharma for 11 years. I attended Naropa University where I studied poetry and was introduced to Vajra Dharma.

I began to practice seriously in 2006. Since then I have maintained a daily-practice, finished traditional Kagyu ngondro and have been practicing in the higher-yoga tantras via ven. Thrangru Rinpoche, Karma Kagyu.

I studied briefly with the Sakyong and Dr. Reggie Ray of Shambhala and Dharma Ocean, as well as Gangteng Tulku Rinpoche from Bhutan at Yeshe Khorlo, however my main focus and spiritual-orientation is with ven. Thrangru Rinpoche of Vajra Vidya.

I have attended countless group retreats and have been attending, at minimum, 1-month long solitary retreats, twice a year, in Crestone Colorado since the start of 2010.

Life and spiritual-practice are one and the same, inseparable, and my complete passionate-focus for all sentient beings.


In life I have mostly focussed on the study and craft of poetry, music, teaching, care-provding for the elderly, as well as the developmentally-disabled, and of course most of my time has been within the scope of the practice and study of Vajra-Dharma.

I recently finished a year-and-a-half long solitary retreat at Yeshe Kholro in Crestone Colorado. Where I began training into the completion phase practices of the Karma Kagyu lineage.

For the benefit of all sentient beings, I feel confident, that, by attending 3 year retreat I will be able to experience a complete and necessary training into the lineage.

My name is on Karma Ling's list of potential 3 year retreat attendees and there is nothing more that has my heart, than, to attempt to put into place, the necessary pieces for full attendance.

Main teachers

ven. Thrangru Rinpoche


To raise funds to attend 3 year retreat at Karme Ling in New York starting in fall 2019.


Offering is a practice of selfless-genersotiy, the benefits of which are immeasurable--for, it contributes to the interdependent co-origination of dharmic tenderils, which are the necessary conditions for any potential, genuine, fruition to occur.

We cannot make a difference of awakening without each other, and whatever you can provide I rejoice, and will whole-heartedly dedicate the merit to you.

Whatever you may provide I am wordlessly thankful and ever-humbled.

Whatever you can offer, I bow down.

With great love, in the Dharma -

Cost breakdown

25,000 for entire 3 year retreat program.

4,000 for supplies for 3 year retreat program.

1,000 for The Offering Bowl.

Funding until

24 February 2018 (Ended)

Amount Requested




Recent donations

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