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* This petition has been updated due to the maximum time online and changes in Karme Choling's schedule. They will not offer the four dignities in time for me to attend Warrior's in February. I will instead attend the 4 dignities in March 2018.

My Shambhala name is Auspicious Dragon of Goodness and my Refuge name is Faith Treasure Lake.

I began studying the dharma and meditating about 20 some years ago, while still in high school. I took level 1 and sat half a dathun in 2000. Unresolved trauma, single-motherhood and a feeling of not belonging in a place that was much wealthier and older than i kept me away from the Shambhala community for many years. I continued to study dharma, attend public talks and meditate some on my own, but mostly my attention shifted to family, yoga, trauma studies and my career. Dharma, however, formed the foundation of my life/teaching philosophy. Then in 2012, in the midst of very challenging personal life transitions and under the generous encouragement of Acharya Lobel, I reconnected with Shambhala Training. I immediately felt noteworthy relief from the torturous anxiety and depression I had been struggling with over the last few years and realized a new sense of "workability" in relationships and circumstances.

Inspired by the changes I was experiencing and the renewed energy and interest I had in life, I immersed myself in study, practice and volunteering at Shambhala Boston and Karme Choling. I completed the Way of Shambhala and then staffed every level a number of times, as well as volunteering for community programming. In 2016, I took the first half of the Sacred Path, my Shambhala, Enlightened Society and Refuge Vows, and in April 2017 I completed Shambhala Guide Training.

I have continued to staff programs, have begun offering individual and group meditation instruction, as well as monthly Yoga classes at the Boston Center. I am currently working under the guidance of senior Shambhala teachers to bring more wellness, trauma sensitivity and embodiment offerings into the community.

I have a committed daily study and practice routine and am more committed than ever to the realization of Enlightened Society and the Shambhala teachers' path. Teaching dharma fills me with joy and vision.


I raise 2 children and a rescue pup almost all on my own and with no family support (financial or otherwise).

I teach therapeutic yoga and childbirth education. In my therapeutic practice I work mostly with people who have unresolved trauma, helping them learn to feel more safety and find a sense of comfort and enjoyment in their bodies again. I just recently finished an International Certification as a Yoga Therapist, the culmination of many years study and practice. I never turn anyone away because of inability to pay, but instead follow a strict generosity policy of "pay what you can." I've tried to follow other's counsel to do otherwise but it just hasn't felt right to refuse anyone any help i can offer. The work i do makes me feel really good and useful to the world, but my uncompromising position of not turning anyone away, and my commitment to volunteer work with Shambhala, don't leave any excess funds for my own indulgences or studies. I'm working tirelessly to build more financial security and hope this will change but in the meantime i need and humbly ask your support.

I'm an impatient meditation teacher.. It's hard to have access to so many people that need Shambhala's wisdom and be so young in my meditation teaching career. I'm anxious to be authorized to teach more Shambhala goodness!

Main teachers

Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche, Kalapa Acharya Adam Lobel, Shastri Nick Kranz. Full prostration to Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche and the lineages.


There have been many obstacles along this path. Most financial, many having to do with lack of family support and unresolved early traumas. I felt such relief to take refuge after so many years of teetering on the edge. Guide Training brought out an inspired sense of commitment and re-energizing of purpose.

I long to spend more time absorbing the teachings of Sakyong Mipham and know I've a ways to go to get there. I don't want financial obstacles to stand in my way any longer, or pride. The sense of unworthiness that a truly broken family instilled in me makes it very challenging to ask for support, but the amazing support i've received from the Shambhala community has humbled me and softened my heart. I am finally ready to face these challenges and shed the obstacles while i've got time left to practice and help relieve suffering and perhaps help contribute to the creation of enlightened society.

Acharya Lobel is a long time friend and his vision of enlightened society is inspiring to me. It's a vision we've shared since high school. It is a rare gift to study with him and I'm thrilled to attend his program, to practice and create together.

It is my aspiration to complete the Sacred Path and attend Warrior's Assembly when it's offered this winter at Karme Choling. From there I aspire to do Shambhala Teacher Training and continue on my path to Sacred World to receive teachings from Sakyong Mipham, who I already feel a deep personal connection to.

It's not necessary that a receive the full amount listed here. But i want to move forward with my path mindfully, not creating more debt or strain for my family. Anything is appreciated. I will do the best i can with whatever is raised. xo


Happy to answer questions about yoga and body awareness, especially as they relate to trauma or meditation.

I'd also like to offer an introductory therapeutic yoga session to anyone making what they feel is a substantial contribution under their circumstances. These can be in person or virtual.

I continue to study, practice and teach and dedicate the exertion to the realization of Enlightened Society and benefit of all.

Cost breakdown

Awake Society, Now $590 - 225 (discount) & 100 (gift from Mlle. Giselle Laberge) = $265

4 Dignities in March 2018
$1065 - 300 (scholarship) = $765

golden key 368 = $368

7% paypal and OB transaction fees = $80

after subtracting discounts from karme choling, expenses and fees total

* I am applying for scholarships and am updating as i hear back from these but have included estimates of what they will be. This cost breakdown does not include travel expenses or time away from work.

Funding until

01 March 2018 (Ended)

Amount Requested





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