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I am a 500 hour certified yoga instructor, and 500 hour certified Shiatsu practitioner. Both of these traditions intertwine meditation and encourage developing deeper awareness for the benefit of both the individual and society. Though I am not currently teaching classes, I continue to explore yoga through my own practice, and I meditate daily in the Shambhala tradition. I am also learning Sanskrit through my graduate program at Naropa, and this is becoming a part of my daily contemplative practice.


Hey! I'm Chris :) I've recently decided to risk it all and fully entrench myself in the study of contemplative practice and wisdom traditions by undertaking a graduate program at Naropa University in Religious Studies and Sanskrit. While the financial burden is difficult for me, my heart knows that this is absolutely the path I'm meant to take, and irregardless of fear and doubt I'm embarking on this journey with the goal of benefitting the entire universe! This Dathun is an important aspect of my education at Naropa, and I'm very much looking forward to examining and embracing how it will change both me and my relationship to my studies.

Main teachers

Chogyam Trungpa, Nisargadatta Maharaj, Ramana Maharshi, Eileen Muir, BKS Iyengar, Adyashanti


This Dathun retreat is a non-credit requirement of my graduate program at Naropa University, and is meant to enliven and enrich my academic studies and develop my purpose as a human being. I chose to attend Naropa University because of the contemplative approach towards higher education, and because of Naropa's rich history and rootedness in working towards an enlightened society. It is my hope that with my education, and continued contemplative practice (this retreat!), I will be able to make a significant and positive impact in the world by continuing the work of translating the texts and histories of various wisdom traditions into an accessible and approachable form for the modern western reader.


I am more than happy to offer a full hour Shiatsu treatment to any and all who help me get to the Shambhala Mountain Center this winter :)

Cost breakdown

$72.69/per night for a full Dathun (28 days)
+ some fees.

Funding until

11 December 2017 (Ended)

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Recent donations

  • Good shit my dude

    - Brent


  • So glad you are following your heart! Enjoy the retreat. love, Mom

    - Elizabeth Hamel

  • Get after it my friend. You and I both know, a contract was signed, day you were born.

    - Nathan Blehar


  • - Cassie Kollman


  • Yes! I believe in you and totally support the beauty of your life continuing to unfold with such radiance and grace. Love you Chris.

    - Jamie


  • Dear Chris, Don't listen to that chitchat, take your upper lip to your lower lip... and go deep. Love you -Eileen

    - Eileen Muir


  • I think you are incredible!

    - Anna Taylor


  • Best of luck.

    - Emmett & Swanny

  • Good luck!

    - Anonymous


  • You were born to do this.......send that beautiful, loving energy out to the world.

    - Eileen Daugherty

  • Namaste

    - Sara Hamel

  • Early Christmas present! Enjoy the retreat.

    - Elizabeth Hamel

  • Good luck Chris

    - Catherine Tezber

  • You go dude!

    - Rafe Halsey

  • Badger is grateful to be a small part of your journey. With great love.

    - Rich sweitzer