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I learned how to meditate in June 2015 at Shambhala Mountain Center. Since then, I have been meditating regularly in group sits, alone sits, and walking and eating meditation. I feel blessed to be living at Shambhala Mountain Center...I have been fortunate to take wisdom classes and expand my understanding and development in the past two years.


I am a recovering Registered Nurse. I love taking care of people. My favorite part about being a nurse was sitting on patients' beds at 3:00 a.m. and listening to life stories that made me laugh and cry. I appreciate all walks of life. I come from the Space of Wisdom--from here I am able to understand all religions and no religion.

Main teachers

Jesus Christ, Guatama Buddha, Maitreya, Krishna, The Ascended Masters, Pema Chodron, Adyashanti, Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche, Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche, my Heart, every bit of matter in effect from every cause affecting this body this life


I cannot manifest outer Peace until I manifest inner Peace. I am so close <3. I am longing for the structure and discipline of a monastic life--the guidance of nurturing solitude--the opportunity to study and practice all day like it's my job! Life is short! i want to get as much out of this heart and breath before the last beat and sigh. I am so grateful for this opportunity!


My offering is World Peace.

Cost breakdown

$1645.00 for Gampo Abbey 2018 Monastic Residency
$226.75 for plane flight from Myrtle beach to Halifax
$131.02 administrative fees to Offering Bowl

Funding until

17 February 2018 (Ended)

Amount Requested





Recent donations

  • All the best Alexis, I am happy to support in any way on your incredible journey!

    - Anthony Cavico


  • For all your help, your kindness, and in the spirit of an enlightened society. From one monastic to another!

    - Mac McGoldrick


  • May the dralas have your back.

    - Dan Sosalla

  • Super-nun, Alexicon 3030, congratulations! Im so happy for you. Your gonna kick ass out there. Dont forget about the little people. :)

    - Luis Zepeda


  • What a wonderful journey you continue. We...this land, state, country, and globe...need you to be fully on your path. Congrats!!

    - Dave Stalls


  • Congratulations, Alexis! :-)

    - Rosalyn Avent


  • We are going to miss you so much! Best of luck with this adventure and keep in touch!

    - Melissa Mckay


  • - Jenny and Justin Rogers


  • You're amazing! Can't wait for you to become the next Pema Chodron!

    - Zane Edwards

  • So happy and beautiful to see and hear from you and your journey. I wish for you to experience everything your heart desires at it's depths!!! May you attend Gampo Abbey Dragon Monastic Residency 2018!!!

    - Chelsea Treiber


  • Peace and love on your journey my friend

    - Anonymous

  • Good luck Alexis! Say hi to Loden for me!

    - Kathy Southard


  • - Andrew Rodgers


  • you go girl

    - Yossi Schuck


  • Thanks for what you're doing, Alexis. I wish you all the best, and many, many blessings. Perhaps one day I'll do the same. :) Thade Correa

    - Thade Correa


  • - Sue Oakerson


  • - Richard Swaback


  • Enjoy!

    - Bridgette Auger


  • Rock on in red! Can't wait to see you in robes...I'm genuinely delighted you are going

    - Daniel Hessey


  • I love you, Alexis!

    - Melissa Perez


  • May your journey be an inspired one, in the warmth and brilliance of the Great Eastern Sun. Rainbow wishes, Alexis <3

    - Laurie Amodeo

  • Thank you for being you. For being of service. For sharing your light and love with us here at SMC, and soon Halifax. Much love to you Sister...

    - Tricia Cominsky


  • I've always wanted to know a nun - Heather // Way to live! - Travis

    - Heather and Travis


  • - Nick


  • from one badass bitch to another. redrobes. redrobes. redrobes.

    - Lucifer


  • Blessings on your spiritual journey!

    - Barbara Edelman


  • - Peter Passman


  • - Ronnie Lucotch


  • - Syd Bridges


  • - Anonymous


  • I miss you lovely lady!

    - Hazel Shapiro

  • Safe travels

    - Peter Stansfield