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Think Tank participants include Shambhalians on the full spectrum of the practice path who are involved activism, social service, anti-oppression work, or related academic research and hold a variety of leadership roles in the Shambhala Community.

This travel fund is for 12 of the 30 participants who expressed need for travel assistance, including several from Mexico, Europe, and Canada.


The Shambhala Social Engagement Think Tank raises timely issues around social engagement in our community and world. Our aspiration is to create a vibrant network for social engagement in Shambhala and foster the ongoing development of prototypes and projects throughout the mandala.

Motivations of Shambhala Social Engagement Think Tank participants in their own words:

“I am inspired to explore concrete applications of Shambhala Dharma to social transformation and to confronting the political, economic, and ecological crises we face as a planet.”
“I am inspired to organize with other Shambhala practitioners to relate with, critique and address embedded power structures and patterns that prevent our community from greater service, greater access, greater relevance in the world today.”
"To explore what Shambhala uniquely has to offer in terms of principles and methods of social engagement."
“I am inspired to explore how the creation of enlightened society can best address itself to past and ongoing injustices like colonialism, white supremacy, heteropatriarchy and capitalist exploitation.”
“I want to discover how to integrate inner work with outward action through the teachings of Shambhala.”
“The only way to change the experience of others is to set the ground and do the work that can open that door to others. I hope this can offer some healing to my own experiences of oppression and discrimination in the Shambhala mandala.”
“I want to re-inspire my engagement work at my local Center and to contribute to the formation of a more cohesive/coherent social engagement agenda for Shambhala in North America.”
“To make Shambhala truly a place where Enlightened Society can emerge.”

The Social Engagement Think Tank is being organized in conjunction with the Shambhala Office of Social Engagement (SOSE). SOSE is a new international office that supports and encourages engagement initiatives in the Shambhala community.

Main teachers

The Sakyongs of Shambhala


"Now is the time for us to manifest—to bring these principles into the world, to not just leave them in our shrine room and our practice pages. They cannot just remain as simple esoteric mantras. We need to be able to actually harness them and make them real."

- Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche
Shambhala Day Address 2017

The Shambhala Social Engagement Think Tank is a gathering at Sky Lake Retreat Center, October 12-15th, to explore principles, strategies, and methods of social engagement based on meditative principles and the application of the four dignities. In the process, we will emphasize ways of supporting diversity and inclusion within the Think Tank and in Shambhala more generally.


We hope to stimulate experimentation in social engagement throughout the Shambhala mandala, to promote communication and shared learning around ongoing projects, and support the newly formed Office of Social Engagement.

Cost breakdown

The Shambhala Social Engagement Think Tank program costs are being covered by a grant through the Sakyong Foundation. The Think Tank travel fund is for those who expressed need for assistance. Travel assistance for 12 of the 30 participants, including several from Mexico, Europe, and Canada totally $2,570. Service fee of $180. Total of $2,750.

Funding until

10 November 2017 (Ended)

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