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I started to study and practice the Dharma about 4 years ago when someone gave me a book written by a great teacher named Joseph Goldstein. Since then I have been extremely interested in Buddhism and meditation in general. I have read books and listened to podcasts to help further my understanding and have visited the local monastery many times to learn and meditate with the monks and volunteers. I've always wanted to go on a retreat to deepen my practice but my busy work schedule hasn't allowed it until this winter. I couldn't be more excited to spend some time away from my normal routine so I can focus on being mindful as much as possible.


I'm am a 26 year old living in Iong Island, New York. I like to think of myself as kind and thoughtful and very interested in bettering myself through mindfulness and meditation. I believe that if I get the opportunity to go on this retreat it could set me in the right direction to being the person that I want to be.

Main teachers

Daniel Hessey


I am fundraising to help pay for the travel and tuition expenses of a week long silent meditation retreat in Denver, Colorado.


I offer to dedicate all of my time and energy towards my dharma practice. This includes meditating and volunteering at my local monastery as well as with different community projects. I've already learned and witnessed the positive change that being mindful has on people and I'll do everything I can to spread mindfulness and love to the people around me.

Cost breakdown

$500 for travel (airfare, taxis, food)

$1200 for retreat (food, single bed room, retreat tuition)

Funding until

15 December 2017 (Ended)

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