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Practicing meditation has been a blatantly life-changing item of my life. I began in New York City in 2010 and it´'s taken me on a pretty exciting journey since - it really shakes things up. I wish to keep it going!


On the road at the moment - helping out with some work at Casa Werma , the Shambhala meditation center in Mexico, as I transition from New Orleans to Los Angeles. My main occupation these days is poetry.

Main teachers

Take a lot of inspiration from Archarya Eric Spiegel and Archarya Arawana Hyashi, in particular


To attend Enlightened Society Assembly at Colorado´s Shambhala Mountain Center in October (19-29) - to discuss movements toward a more put-together world, to practice connecting-in with the worthwhileness of things and to be with others.


You can pick between a poem on a necklace (a line from a poem, maybe not the whole thing...), a hand-written / visual poem or a just-for-you poem, recorded and emailed.

Cost breakdown

$1325 Tuition, Room and Board
$300 Travel

Funding until

29 October 2017 (Ended)

Amount Requested





Recent donations

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  • love you

    - Anne Marie


  • vaya con dios--my wallet has moths flying out of it but I want to support so I humbly do so

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  • looking forward to my poem !

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  • thanks for everything! we love you!

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  • Love you Bobby. No need for a gift---you are a gift.

    - Dolores Watson


  • Enjoy the wonder if ESA! Thank you for being. You make this world even more inspiring.

    - Rena Grossman


  • I hope it's outstanding!

    - Carl M Eifler