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I have been practicing since 2000 as a Shamatha student. Relevant to this conference, I was a single mother when I entered the Dharma and had neither time nor financial resources to attend programming to advance my practice. Instead I dedicated myself to Family Camp for seventeen years, first as a teacher of the Dragons children group, then as Head Teacher for several years, and finally as a council member. So, in essence, my practice and dedication has been to family and household practice.


I have been a Shambhala practitioner for 17 years, but my main practice has been family/household.

Main teachers

Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche


This petition is to cover travel costs to and from the Growing Brave Conference in Boulder, CO. I will be attending both to staff the conference as Head of Special Events & Ceremonies by request, and to participate as a longtime staff and council member of Family Camp at Karme Choling.


I offer to dedicate this time to sharing and receiving wisdom on the topic of families in Shambhala, and to be a voice for anyone who cannot attend and would like to contact me beforehand.

Cost breakdown

Flight $450
Fundraising fees $32

Funding until

04 October 2017 (Ended)

Amount Requested





Recent donations

  • Thank you for all your support and efforts in being at the Growing Brave Conference.

    - Tracy Suchocki


  • ~ delighted ~

    - Andrie & Aine

  • Yes! I want you to be there; you have so much to contribute.

    - Karis


  • Enjoy the view!

    - Buzz & Karis


  • - William Clark


  • thank you for all you do!

    - Anonymous


  • You must come!!!

    - Donna Stephens


  • Looking forward to seeing you!

    - Shelley Heinz


  • Many thanks for years of leading the charge at KCL Family Camp and all that you continue to do. Enjoy Colorado!

    - Anne Kenan