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I have meditated for the last twenty five years and been a student of Buddhism for the last eleven years. I have a daily shamatha meditation practice. I host a weekly mama sangha for friends and neighbors. I have attended a number of meditation teacher trainings and include teaching meditation as part of my practice. I teach mindfulness and art to students of all ages. Above all, I find parenting and nurturing a household to be the most challenging and rewarding part of my practice.


I am a mother, artist, educator, activist and mindfulness instructor committed to mindful change-making through the arts. My work addresses a range of subjects including immigration, youth advocacy, gentrification, plastic bag legislation and women’s rights, using storytelling, mindfulness, and participatory practice as guiding principles. I am currently an M.A. Candidate in Art Education at City College of New York CUNY where my research is focused on ways to integrate mindfulness practices into arts programming. I believe that meditation is a powerful form of self care and kindness which enables us to find our heart and voice and to take a stand.

Main teachers

Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche


I am looking for assistance to travel to Boulder Colorado with my ten year old daughter to attend Growing Brave, a Shambhala Families & Children Conference meant as a collaborative space to articulate the needs of families, young adults and children within a Shambhala culture based on unconditional goodness. I am an artist and educator developing a program called Aware & Awake: Mindful Change Making Through the Arts. Working on Aware & Awake, I was inspired to return to school for a masters in Art Education where I am preparing to write my thesis on how mindfulness can be integrated into social justice art spaces. Being a part of this conference will be both uplifting and deeply informative as to how we can all support and be a part of creating enlightened society inside and outside of Shambhala!


In addition to working at the conference as the meal coordinator, I am also offering to take notes and document the conference in order to report back to the New York City Shambhala Center where we are collaboratively trying to grow and nurture our family and children programming.

Cost breakdown

$235.00 Conference admission
$545.00 Airline ticket
$120 ground transportation

Funding until

09 October 2017 (Ended)

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