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I've been studying the Dharma for two years now, ever since I met H. E. Garchen Rinpoche and after taking refuge with him. Before that, I had some experience with meditation and spiritual practices, but after meeting him my understanding and practice has deepened. Ever since, I have received different empowerments from him (White Tara, Vajrakilaya, Yamantaka...) and I´ve done a couple of drubchens as well as retreats (Shamatha, Chöd...). My main practice is White Tara, which I try my best to do daily and I do a lot of studying on a regular basis. I've done quite some reading from different masters like Padmasambhava, Atisha, Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche, Shamar Rinpoche, etc. My life has been transformed in so many ways since taking refuge in the three jewels and I really want to continue my practice and do retreat for the benefit of all beings! :)


My name is Maria, although everyone calls me Maya. I'm 25 years old and I was born in Mexico City, where I live. I'm graduating from college this year, my major is Politics. Right now, I´m working on finishing my dissertation and I'm starting a project with an NGO called Save the Children as part of my social service work (which is a requirement in my university) to bring meditation for children and educators. I live with my mom, two dogs and six fish :) Some of the things I love are reading, singing and playing my guitar. I'm in a constant search of being more loving and kind to others. Thank you and may all beings benefit!

Main teachers

Garchen Rinpoche


Im fundraising to try to cover the amount for my ngöndro retreat... it is a retreat that I've been longing to do for a while now and it is a bit pricey. The amount I'm trying to fundraise would cover for my acommodation and teachings exclusively... food and transportation would run on my part. It is a six month long retreat, so there is a lot that needs to be covered.


I'll be offering all of the merits of this amazing retreat for the benefit of all donors (and all beings) and dedicating my practices for their long life and health. I'm hoping that with this retreat I can be of much benefit and offer my time and energy to be of service to others throughout my life. Additionally, I would like to offer any teachings, practices and so forth that I have experience with to anybody who would like. I’m also offering to send varied Dharma books upon request (I have over a hundred in electronic format). You can contact me through Skype with the username: shanti.sundari or through my email address: As part of my offering, I also commit to continue to find ways to teach and share the Dharma in my community through social programs that can bring benefit to the beautiful country I live in. Thank you very much for taking the time to read my petition :)

Cost breakdown

The total amount would cover my ngöndrö retreat (acommodation, teachings...)

Funding until

01 February 2019 (Ended)

Amount Requested





Recent donations

  • Chula hermosa, que tu práctica traiga sanación al mundo!

    - ClaudiaC


  • Gracias por ser AMOR, ARMONÍA Y BELLEZA. Honro tu camino alma bella!

    - Carolina


  • Blessings on you

    - Gaynel

  • Eres luz

    - Robo


  • Maya, send you a lot of love!

    - Julia


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    - Mitta


  • Maya, let al your wishes come true!

    - Dmitry


  • Share the love with the beautiful soul.

    - Ian Fan


  • May your practice be of benefit to all beings!

    - Sally and Larry


  • lots of love!

    - Plamen


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  • May we all recognize the Love within and radiate it to benefit others!

    - Anonymous


  • An abundance of blessings on this journey, dear one!

    - A. Joseph Rosado / Nina Patrick


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  • Rejoice in your dedication in Dharma practice.

    - Kien


  • keep your aspiration, Maya!

    - Nancy Castlebury


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