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I have been practicing since 20 years for now. For first 15 years it was mostly individual practice, but since 2 years my mind started to change with lightspeed. I was practicing more and more, i was participating different teachings mostly given by Lama Rinczen but also Sangter Rinpoche, i was listening a lot to Kyabje Tenga Rinpoche teachings as he was very close connected to Grabniks centre. I have reached the point where this way or another i will participate the retreat - there is no other way for me than to become Lama, educate myself deeper this way and to give myself for benefit of others. I was consulting Lama Rinczen about my retreat, and i have his permission and encourage to participate it.


Im human, psychologist, psychotherapist, soft social skills trainer and practicioner. Im practicing Dharma for over 20 years and i have just started my 40s, so its the big right now if i want to make use of this human precious body to benefit others. Im learnign different parts of traditional aproach - playing instruments, making tormas, chanting in tibetan (and reading tibetan as well), participating in pujas. U can find me on facebook as i have profile to check me out: https://www.facebook.com/tranides?ref=bookmarks

Main teachers

Lama Rinczen - https://www.benchen.org.pl/en/lamas/lama-rinchen-head-of-the-grabnik-centre


3 years retreat programme, starts in august 2019, place: https://www.benchen.org.pl/en/our-centres/benchen-centre-in-grabnik/drubkhang-the-three-year-retreat-centre-in-grabnik


Im offering prayers during my retreat for every single donor and i will keep you in my heart forever!

Cost breakdown

Full cost goes towards traditional 3 years retreat, it will cost arround 10000$ but i will manage to get 2500$ by myself for sure.

Funding until

20 February 2019 (Ended)

Amount Requested