Social meditation circle




We want to foster mutual support, cooperation, programme planning, cost saving and foremost raising our Lungta together in this difficult time within the sangha and in the world around us. Meeting and practicing in person is more necessary than ever.
We will practice the Sadhana of Kindness and Social Meditation, listening and speaking from the heart. Giving and receiving feedback.
Finding strength and confidence in the midst of difficult times.


The German speaking region has 10 Centers/Groups, one of the group are informal (just forming), from north to south:
Hamburg, Köln, Marburg, Berlin, Ruhrgebiet, München, Bielefeld, Freiburg, Bern, Zürich and the link to Wien (Austria). There are approx.428 members and friends in this region.
Some are longtime groups, some fairly young. What we have in common is the love for the unconditional goodness mentioned in the Shambhala Teachings and the vision of a good human society and for the brave and tender hearts of our fellow members and warriors.

Main teachers

From the German speaking region: Center/group coordinators, finance coordinators and members unaffiliated to any group/center


3rd Annual Regional Conference
One weekend Nov. 15 - Nov. 17
to pay the travel and cost of the conference, since we do not YET have a regional budget.
Please help your region to become stronger!


We wholeheartedly commit to continue to keep up the vision of Shambhala and to create spaces and hold programmes for people to meet themselves and other human beings and to train in staying with the present moment in all its complexity and to be brave enough to protect society and the earth for future generations to come.

Cost breakdown

20 Participants X 3 days (6€ each): 398$
20 Particip. X 20€ Travelcost support 442$
bank fees+offering bowl 70$
total 910$

Funding until

08 November 2019 (Ended)

Amount Requested





Recent donations

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