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I’ve had a regular meditation practice for about 20 years, the last seven years I’ve been especially into Tibetan Buddhism, studying Buddhist Philosophy and Contemplative Studies with Prof. Tom Yarnall when I’m in the US, and practicing chöd and learning thangka painting at Shechen Monastery when I’m in Nepal (which is about 5 months a year)


All is clear, I alone am clouded.

I really don't like talking about myself, since it just bolsters spiritual materialism. But maybe you can check out my instagram to see what kind of stuff I do: paralexei

I also run two facebook pages, one for chod: facebook.com/chodpractice and another for the goddess Kurukulla facebook.com/kurukulladevi

Main teachers

Lama Tsering Wangdu; Prof. Thomas Yarnall; Konchog Lhadrepa


I’ve been selected through the Garchen Institute’s lottery system for a spot in the next Yamantaka drupchen February 15-23 in Arizona. For those who unfamiliar with what that is, it's not just an empowerment, where people go to see a famous lama, take some selfies, and then treat it as a blessing without ever practicing what they were empowered to afterwards (in fact,phones are not allowed for the entire duration). A drupchen is a group practice, in this case aimed at removing obstacles for all sentient beings, which only works if everyone does it right, therefore nobody is allowed to leave until it ends, even if sick, even if dead. To participate, a person should complete 600,000 mantra recitations, of which I've already done over 150,000. When there, we recite mantras and the ritual text all day long, in a small spot where we also sleep for 5 hours/night, without speaking to anyone otherwise. Also, we're not allowed to see the sky for the duration of the drupchen, so all windows are covered and there is a tunnel built leading to the cafeteria for meals. When I first heard about this event from a friend, I got goosebumps, which as you probably know is a surefire sign it's the right practice to do. Also, while I've never met Garchen Rinpoche, I've loved the talks of his I've seen online, and think it would be great to receive (especially wrathful) empowerment from someone who spent 20 years in jail, as all my Tibetan teachers thus far have been ones who escaped. Also, while I've had numerous Nyingma, Sakya, and Gelug teachers, this would be my first Kagyu one, thereby completing studies in all four of the major Tibetan Buddhist schools. Moreover, since my practice up to now has been heavy on meditation, I'm starting to realize maybe I should have checked out Kagyu much earlier, as it's the branch that emphasizes my kind of practice the most. I've lowered my goal, since it doesn't seem I'll reach it at this rate, but have kept the breakdown of the costs, which looking at some of the other campaigns here seem absurdly low for the US. Hoping at least to cover the costs of transportation. Thanks


I can include you in a chöd practice dedication, or direct a healing chöd if you need it. Individual results may vary

Also, I can try and remove some obstacles for you via this Yamantaka drupchen

Cost breakdown

Drupchen Registration: 307
Transportation from NJ to AZ and back: 198
Paypal Fees: 45

Funding until

29 November 2019 (Ended)

Amount Requested





Recent donations

  • May all beings benefit! This should put you over your goal!

    - Anonymous


  • ཨོྃཨཱཿཧཱུྃབཾགུརུཧརིནིསསིདྡྷིཧཱུྃ

    - Consilio Lux


  • Keep on keeping on brother!

    - Anonymous

  • Keep on keeping on!

    - Marie Eggert

  • Hi Alexei, I am the mother of Westin Harris. I really hope you are able to raise enough money so that you can attend this amazing drupchen.

    - Beckie Harris

  • Please include Diane Matthews, Victor Monterroso, and Maria Engracia Davila in your dedications.

    - Sangye Pema


  • - Joshua ONeill


  • I enjoy following your journeys/thoughts/commentary on life. Thanks for sharing xo

    - olivia


  • Take that you dirty Chodpa!!!

    - Repa Trinlay