How it works

Every petitioner creates their own webpage where she/he can ask for funds to participate in a buddhist practice and/or education program.

In the application process you will be asked for explicit information like your address, practice and study experience and main teachers, which will not be displayed on your public profile. A recent picture of yourself is required.

Once you sign-up and create your page it will be looked at within 4 business days. If it fits our terms and conditions you will be able to work on it further and make it public once you are ready.

Time Limit

You have up to 6 months to present your funding request and reach your goal. Your petition will automatically end one week after your program has started. The same applies once your goal has been reached. In special cases we will extend the six month funding period according to your request after individual discussion. Please ask if you need more time.

Once your fundraiser reaches its end date, please contact The Offering Bowl [TOB] and let us know how you would like your funds to be distributed. We will not take any action without your consent. You can use the available funds to pay the education or practice venue directly yourself or through TOB. Travel expenses and other essential costs associated with this petition will be reimbursed after TOB has received your receipts or any other form of proof.

In general we don't release funds without proof in form of receipts and/or program participation confirmation.


There is no cost to participate as a petitioner. At the end of the collection period, 4 % of the funds received will be contributed to The Offering Bowl [TOB] as support, and to cover the Paypal fees of 2.9% + 0.30$ per transaction.

“Funds received” refers to all donations that have been gathered by the petitioner through the promotion of his/her request through The Offering Bowl. This includes checks, program deposits and air miles. This contribution to TOB will help to promote and expand the project and will benefit all petitioners.

The understanding of “Offering” is a part of this project. It means that after “receiving” it is important to offer even a small portion back to others.

For more specific information, please look at our Terms and Conditions.

Minimum Offering starts with $5.-


The Offering Bowl is registered in Canada as a non-profit Society. We don't have a charity status as donations made towards an individual will not be tax deductible as this is regarded as a gift. This is the Revenue Canada policy and common in most other countries as well.

Donations towards The Offering Bowl are welcome as there are costs involved in web hosting, web design, promotional material, office supplies and so forth.

Unfortunately we are unable to issue any tax receipts.

Terms and Conditions

The petitioner can use the funds only for the program he/she requested and we ask for proof of participation. If for any reason the petitioner can’t attend the event, the funds will be kept for up to 12 month to give the petitioner the possibility to use them for a similar retreat or program.

In case the petitioner doesn't make use of the funds within these 12 months the funds go back to The Offering Bowl and will be redistributed.

To read more about our Terms and conditions click on the link in the footer of the page.