To gather funds through the Offering Bowl the petitioners go to our website and follow the Start a Petition procedure.

Once the application is confirmed and the webpage activated the petitioner can start with gathering funds.

The petitioner can use the funds only for the cause he/she requested it for and we ask for proof of participation. This can be photographs, certificates, email of an institution or whatever shows that you used the funds for the requested purpose.

If for any reason the petitioner can’t attend the event, the money stays with The Offering Bowl and will be redistributed among the other petitioners. Larger donations (over $ 500) can be returned to the donors if they wish.

In case Petitioners have an equivalent program they would like to attend instead, TOB can hold their funds up to 12 months before it is redistributed. In case the funding goal is reached before the end date the petitioner should inform TOB.

Once your fundraiser reaches its end date or earlier you can use the available funds to pay the education or practice venue yourself or through The Offering Bowl . Travel expenses and other essential costs to participate in this request will be reimbursed after handing in your receipt or any other form of proof. In general we don't release funds without proof in form of receipts and/or program participation confirmation.

To receive the funds you will need a PayPal account as we will only reimburse via that venue and no longer mail checks. In special cases when the country has no Paypal we will use other payment methods, like checks or Western Union or bank transfer. Depending on your set-up with Paypal they might charge 0.5% - 1 % charge or none. Wire transfer and Western Union fees are depending on their respective fees and for mailing checks there is an administration fee of $ 7.00.

At the end of the fund collection period, 4% of the received funds have to be donated to the Offering Bowl. This contribution will help to promote and expand the project and will be of benefit for future petitioners. Funds received refers to all donations, which have been given to the petitioner through the promotion of his/her request by TOB. If you for any reasons disregard this agreement your fundraising relation with TOB will end. In general the petitioners are responsible for taking care of their fundraiser. The Offering Bowl will not take any action without notice from you.

By reading theses terms and conditions - I understood and agree with the above terms and conditions.